10 Things You Didn’t Know about Josh Hester

The Bachelor a reputable TV series has been a front liner when it comes to romance pursuit. Its unique structure has kept many viewers hooked as they take a dive into the emotional rollercoaster and wild love affairs. Only recently did scripts change with the premiere of Bachelor- listen to your heart edition in April 13th on ABC channel. The cast came with a unique twist different from the usual franchise. According to Screen Rant, a fairly new list was used to draw in viewership unlike the previous features of popular icons and celebrities. Chris Harrison the show’s presenter closely followed their lives in the journey towards love, through musical sensations. Amongst the 20 recruits for the first season was Joshua Hester affectionately known as Josh. To help you get to know him better, we take you through 10 things you probably didn’t know about him:

1. His Background

Josh appears to be a secretive individual as not much of his early life is made available to the public. He was born in June 11, 1988 and is currently at the age of 31. Details regarding his studies, place of work, family and siblings are scarce. However, according to a report from The Fandom, he was a military trainee during his early 20’s. This secured him a job as Deputy Sheriff at the age of 22. He seemed to have a fulfilling career as a law enforcer for 8 years.

2. A singing Uber driver

The artist’s love for music seems to have blossomed way back. After the end of his long career, Josh began part time Uber driving, making the most out of it. From his videos, he enjoys entertaining his riders with soothing country pop music. The positive feedback earned him the nickname,”Nashville’s singing Uber Driver.” Records show that Josh has given up to 3500 singing Uber rides. His You Tube page is proof of the much joy he draws from making new friends by use of his talent.

3. Relationship Status

Josh married his high school sweetheart at a young age, though her identity remains undisclosed. After a few years he signed up for a divorce around the same time he was changing career paths. His desire for a lifetime companion possibly explains why he accepted a role on The Bachelor. His love life however maintains a complicated status as evident on his Face book account; he has not been back to the dating game in over 3 years.

4. Pursuit of Love and Stardom

His singing endeavors offered a stepping stone for the big stage. With his self taught skill and guitar, Josh set out to explore the music business, moving from Florida to Nashville, Tennessee his current hometown to date. As earlier mentioned, the new Bachelor edition was multifaceted, possibly providing both a strong music career and new found love. With the two precisely custom made to suit Josh’s needs, nothing was going to stop him.

5. Short-lived glory

His dreams died fast after lasting only one week in the competition. Josh alongside two other competitors was sent home. The short camera time however did not deter his music ambitions; Josh believes that his hard work will one day pay off. A few controversies however have recently come up showing the musician infuriated at ABC for not showing the real reason why he left the show. As for his love search, we are not certain what the next chapter holds for him.

6. Fervent Fisher

When Josh is not singing you will find him along water masses catching fish. He is a fan of the sport. His Instagram posts are flooded with images of him with his catch-line. Josh is equally skilled at it, capturing the heavy weight marines including sharks. This he does for the thrill as most of his catches are returned to sea. He particularly seems to have a liking for Trout and Tuna breeds.

7. Regularly Gyms

His physique speaks for itself. Part of it has to do with his initial career path but the singer has clearly kept up with healthy living. He is not shy of his body image and proudly parades his abs on social media for the public to see. Fans seem to like it.

8. Tattoo Lover

Josh finds expression through his tattoos. Adorned with the fine art is his right arm which he frequently exposes through short sleeved t-shirts. His symbol takes on a dark detailed pattern which only the best can draw. Judging from his aurora, Josh delights in his body print and it will be no shocker if he ends up adding to the collection.

9. Life- time Memory

One of his highlights is when he got the chance to meet Guy Gilchrist a talented cartoon crafts man. Some of his highly valued work over the years is seen in the likes of Tom and Jerry, the Muppets, Pink Panther, Kermit plus etcetera comics .The American Cartoonist has also drawn logos for minor league baseball teams and foot ball league teams as well. In both 1988 and 1994 Gilchrist won the Magazine Award for National Cartoonist Society making his reputation to be admired and envied. Josh recalls their meet up as one of the coolest memories he will hold onto for a very long time.

10. A New Chapter

A new phase may be unfolding for the singer when he spilled the beans on real estate plans through one of his Face book posts. In it he plainly encourages friends and public to contact him if anyone comes across an owner willing to sell their house within Tampa/ St. Pete area. He has availed his cell number showing just how serious he is about property deals. This is one of the many ways through which Josh hopes to build wealth and invest long-term.

Final thought

Joshua Hester has transited from working as a cop to playing Uber driver, performing as an entertainer and now making moves on the real estate market. Only the sky is the limit for such diverse talents. You can follow him on his social media pages to keep up with what he is up to.

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